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Creating Your Vision Of What Is Possible!

Let’s focus on strategies that create more profits, productive teams, improved cash flows and simply just more peace of mind.​

Green Light Strategies (GLS) is comprised of a committed group of global, executive-level experts with experience leading local, regional, national and international business operations. Our specialists have excelled as mentors and leaders, supporting a wide variety of organizations through transitional phases, exponential growth and top down redesign that have taken our clients past the $500 million mark.

Our team’s collective experience combines both corporate work with extensive entrepreneurial exposure, allowing us to create bespoke solutions based on the very best in class of both. Our clients are able to access this exceptional business acumen and strategic planning without needing to hire and train FTEs.

Meet The Green Light Strategies Team

Tim Hinde

Founder / Lead Consultant - Strategy and Growth

Tim has 30 years of management experience gained across 4 continents (Europe, Africa, Asia and North America), building a reputation founded on scaling and growing businesses. Tim sits on advisory boards, has founded and sold three of his own companies and has built a $500 million business from the ground up. Tim brings extensive ‘Brick and Mortar’ experience with a deep understanding of how to leverage business assets to scale quickly and responsibly. Coupled with this is his experience running sales operations on a local, national and international basis. 


Duane Dahl

Consultant - Strategy and Communications

Duane has over 20 years of hands-on experience in proactively managing all aspects of business from the top down. Duane brings a keen understanding of strategic business management, mergers and acquisitions, team building and leadership. Duane has a long history of providing C-Suite services on a fractional basis advising entrepreneurs, start-ups, athletes and celebrities. Duane has a proven record of creating and supervising strategic roadmaps, brand  positioning and brings experience working with teams in the USA, Europe  and Asia. As a Founder and CEO, Duane has participated in four business exit strategies generating $250M.

Jim Miller

Consultant - Sales

Jim has over 35 years in the field of sales and influencing. Jim specializes in the training and deployment of sales and negotiations within organizations who are scaling for growth and turnaround projects where sales teams are underperforming. Jim’s work in the field of coaching and enrollment is held as the ‘Gold Standard’ and he is widely regarded as the master influencer. Jim has built sales teams from the ground up for national and international operations.

Denise Cullom

Consultant - Digital and Operations

Denise has 21 years experience in Operations in the digital space. She is an innovative and goal-oriented Chief Operating Officer committed to professional development and expert leadership of team, systems and profitability. Denise is a decisive leader and strategic planner, recognized for repeatedly surpassing business goals and the ability to drive new initiatives and pivot quickly based on changing business needs and market conditions. Denise has a talent for being objective and keeping her teams focussed on the real priorities at hand.

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