Your government affairs strategy

Is it time to identify new ways to better advocate for your organization’s interests? Perhaps we should start by looking at what elements make for a successful Government Affairs program and then determine where your efforts could improve. Your organization’s success often depends upon the ability to advocate for your agenda. To achieve...
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The three most important things

Analyzing political races and handicapping them is an important part of our industry. And everyone in our business says it at some point: “A political campaign is all about ______.” Every activist, campaign staffer, or politician will give you their idea of what a campaign is at its essence. Read more

Know your brand

Just blame it on my country boy roots. More likely it is my incorrigible nature. You know, that rebellious streak that makes me good at my job? Whatever the reason, I have always loved Johnny Cash. He had an image, did Johnny Cash. He was brooding, he was dark. Wow, was he dark....
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Issues that move

I read some polling data recently where the respondents to the survey supported a key Democrat issue by a wide margin of 75%. That is not a good sign if you are a Republican candidate who opposes that issue. So the poll dug deeper, looking for some way to peel support away from...
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